Friday, 3 February 2012

Five Things Friday

Here are my 5 things for today...

1.So I opened my mail from my retirement savings plan last night. Good news: my earliest retirement date is July 2041!!! ...alright only 29 years to go.... ok really... so that's like pretty much forever!

2. On a lighter note:
Dear self, 
Apply yourself well in school. Nothing is impossible. If I have 29+ yrs left in the working field I might as well spend it doing something I enjoy. I'M POSSIBLE!! =)

3.Ouch! I just felt my abs. It's the day-after pain of sit ups. I have very recently jumped back on the wagon of working out.. it will be a progressive process but I believe it's important to be healthy and I always feel soooo much better when I am in shape! Winter really makes me want to hibernate *thumbs down* 
I'm not saying I have a big weight-loss goal.. au contraire. But hey, if that happens to be a bonus well then Hallelujah ;) I believe in eating well (love my fruits and veggies), treating yourself when needed and staying active. Capiche?

Light lunch - Homemade Apple Almond Cinnamon Oatmeal
4. Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)   
Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. 
Truthfully I am still working on my establishing my New Year's resolutions (, budgeting, organization and all the fun stuff). 
I love what this verse says, I know I don't need to worry about what the future holds. As long as I keep HIM in charge, my plans will become His plans... and the ways of the Lord are Perfect!

5. Caramel Macchiato

Freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce.

    Did I just say I'm going on a diet? Nooo.. actually I believe I just said I needed to treat myself when needed! It's been a long week, this is my indulgence for today!!  =)



 ~Have yourselves a fabulous and blessed weekend!! xox~


  1. Love that verse! (and that oatmeal looks delcious!) have a great weekend!

  2. meant to ask - do you have a recipe for the oatmeal?

    1. Hi Katie!!
      I've been meaning to reply to you forever, but as you see I haven't even blogged I've been so busy!
      I follow the directions on the pack of oats guessing as I go.
      Usually something like this:
      -Put one Cup of water to boil
      -Chop up one small apple and toss into the pot of water
      -Once boiling, add 1/3 Cup Oats
      -Small pinch of salt
      -Tsp of cinnamon or to taste
      -Tbsp of brown sugar (or more, depending on your diet!)
      After about 3 minutes remove from heat and set aside.
      Chop up dozen almonds as you wish and sprinkle on top!

      This is just a guestimate, quantities can be altered as you like. Apples are nice and tender because they are slightly boiled - seems close enough to apple crisp sometimes its like a treat :))

  3. K ~ You are hilarious! As long as you are staying active and I believe you are without the situps! For instance 'running for the bus on a weekly basis. :)
    Proverbs 16:3 - what a great verse!
    I also love your spin on I'm Possible - awesome!
    Of course if you are going to work for the next 29 years you are going to need some coffee so go ahead and enjoy it! I believe that oatmeal and coffee would be a great diet.
    xoxo Mom

  4. I love oatmeal, too! It's good for you and very, very delicious. That Caramel Macchiato looks and sounds so-o-o-o yummy! You could put the IMPOSSIBLE emblem on the side of your blog, it sends a positive message.
    I would have loved to have had you along with us today. We have about ten people newly over from the Congo in our church and they are French speaking. We went to the home of their bible study teacher for lunch and they were there too. We could not talk to them, so sad! Then we took them home, they were so sweet! The said "Good-bye" when they got out at their house and I thought, I should have said a-revoir to them when they got out. That is the right word, isn't it?
    Have a super Sunday night.
    Hugs, Aunt Cindy

    1. Yes I also LOVE Oatmeal!! I need to take advantage of the goodness of health all in one bowl =)
      You are correct, "Au revoir!" would have been the correct way to say goodbye. Your french isn't all that bad ;) That's so exciting that they came, hopefully everything turns out well!!